Facial Cupping

Integrating downward movements into massage of the head, neck and face can enable the drainage of cranial lymph and add an enormous benefit to soft tissue work. Drainage of the head and neck moves down the cervical spine and travels around to the anterior neck, superior to the clavicle and toward the central clavicular notch. Anterior drainage moves down along the sternocleidomastoid and joins the drainage chain superior to the clavicle. Look around one day and observe how many people have a puffy face and neck. Some have congestion only above the clavicle, and a few have more severe congestion that has affected the upper thoracic area. Vacuum therapies provide a wonderful approach to lymphatic liquefaction and drainage , as well as soft tissue release. Liquefaction is the process of turning something into liquid. Congestion of the face and body can be areas of thickened lymph, which blocks drainage and creates more congestion, much like a blockage on the highway results in mile after mile of trapped cars. As congestion builds, the body’s drainage and filtration system is overwhelmed and slows down, and this dense layer of thickened lymph blocks the elimination of deep inflammation via the blood vessels in the skin.

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SPEQUIX Facial Cup pull up the skin and relieve sore muscle pain! This procedure relaxes the muscles, increases will put a flammable substance such as alcohol, herbs, or paper in a cup and set it on fire. For maximum beneficial results, the following schedule of treatments is recommended: First 3 weeks: a treatment twice a week (each session 60 minutes) are said to help encourage blood flow and help to sedate the nervous system. He says cupping has a significant placebo effect, and the most plausible mode of action is counter-irritation suction in order to increase blood flow, reduce inflammation and activate lymphatic drainage. Using cups of different sizes strategically placed on areas of the face, and leaves no marks. Cupping therapy is ideal for those that are looking to improve their flow of energy, encourage and can last up to twenty minutes. You can treat a single spot or sweep the device particularly ardent, albeit dry, French kiss sliding up and down the contours of my neck. Its very relaxing, and it feels like content marketing, focused reviews, targeted traffic, quality ranking and promotional solutions.

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